Top It Your Way

What's bubble tea anyway?

Bubble tea was originally created as a tea-based drink that was invented in the 1980s in tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan. As in the name, most bubble tea drinks contain a tea base mixed with fruit flavor or milk.  The fun of bubble tea comes from the small chewy tapioca balls, also known as the "pearls" or boba, in the drink. At Toppings we offer a variety of milk and fruit tea flavors along with the option of tapioca pearls or fruit poppers (in mango, strawberry, passion fruit or lychee).                                               

Come into either one of our locations and try one of these exotic drinks today!

Milk Teas:

 milk tea, cappuccino, taro, almond, vanilla, thai tea, mocha coffee, coconut, jasmine green tea, chocolate, banana, matcha green tea, chai tea

Fruit Teas: 

honeydew, strawberry, passion fruit, peach, blueberry, mango, pineapple